There are various combinations of treatment available of which below is just a sample. Your dentist will be happy to discuss options/costs with you.

Private Fee List

Routine Exam £24.17
Exam & Scale/Polish £37.20 (with Dentist)
New Patient Consultation £65.85
Amalgam fillings from £37.20
Composite (white) fillings from £55.73
Crowns/Veneers from £468.00
Recement Crown £31.51
Dentures from £494.93
Hygienist Visit from £52.61
Extractions from £52.92

Treatment can also be organised by way of a maintenance plan tailored to suit your personal requirements. The maintenance plan is run by Highland Dental Plan.

A monthly or annual direct debit is paid. Payments depend on what “Band” you are in. Your dentist will discuss this with you. This plan covers your dental examinations, x-rays, fillings, root fillings and visits to the hygienist if required.

There is also a mandatory annual dental insurance with this plan. For more information ask at reception or your dentist.